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Use your favorite fabric in your next project, professionally quilted on ByAnnie's Soft and Stable®! Perfect for bags, containers, placemats, wall hangings and many other projects!

Fabric Purchased from Treasured Gifts:
Include your fabric choices in your order along with the needed Soft and Stable® quilting size. It will be returned to you professionally quilted and ready for your project! Don't forget to select front and back fabrics! (Your project's coordinating fabric can also be included in your order!)

Pre-Purchased Fabric:
Purchase the needed Soft and Stable® quilting size and send your fabric in for quilting. It will be returned quilted and ready to be the star in your next project!

* ByAnnie Soft and Stable® (white, 58" wide by the selected fabric length)
* Quality Threads (such as Glide, Superior Threads, Aurifil, Omni, etc...)
* Longarm Loading
* Quilting Service

NOT Included:
* Fabric

** NOTE - Soft and Stable®:
By Annie's Soft and Stable® is 58" wide. Most fabric is 42-44" wide. The unused width will be returned to you for use in another project.

** NOTE - Quilting Area:
Some of your fabric will be used in loading the quilt. Every attempt will be made to quilt as much space as possible but expect some un-quilted area.

* Available quilting patterns can be found here:

(This link is provided to showcase the quilting patterns. The pricing on this site is for quilts, which differs from the Soft and Stable® quilting price.)

By Annie Soft and Stable® "Official" Description:

ByAnnie's Soft and Stable® is a product which we developed to use in place of batting or other stabilizers in purses, bags, totes and more.

Why use ByAnnie's Soft and Stable®?

* Great lasting body and stability
* Lightweight
* Maintains shape
* Gives a professional finish to your project
* Easy to sew
* Soft and comfortable
* Washer and dryer safe

Iron out wrinkles on medium heat

** Product specs:
Piece measures 36" x 58" x .175" thick
100% polyester foam
Polyester fabric on both sides of matching foam

Materials: Polyester Foam.

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